Getting maximum value from CHAMPS

"All schools will want to try CHAMPS … it is an excellent initiative for pupils, parents and teachers"
Professor Tim Brighouse Chief Education Officer - Birmingham Education Authority

Here are ten ways in which other schools are already using the program.

You will see that you can benefit from CHAMPS by treating it purely as a resource for students, without the need to allocate class or teacher time. Alternatively it can be used to teach learning and study skills directly. Either way, CHAMPS will have a highly positive impact on your school.

As a resource for students only*

1. CHAMPS is an ideal way to engage parents in supporting their children's learning - because home web access is free when schools subscribe and home CD-ROMs are available.
2. In the library and/or resource centre for permanent reference
3. For an after-school club or lunch-time computer club.
4. As a homework project.

Integrated into the classroom.

5. Used in INSET sessions to improve the standard of teaching and learning
6. As a way for teachers to embed effective learning strategies during a lesson on any subject.
7. Used as part of the SEN programme and/or an Able Pupils Programme (It suits both!)
8. Used in PHSE as part of a tutorial programme to improve motivation to learn.
9. Used as part of a Thinking Skills course.
10. In networked small groups as part of a lesson or used as a whole class lesson using a projector or interactive whiteboard.

* You will find that the typical student will require about nine 40 minute sessions to complete the course.


Accelerated Learning Systems 2001