study skills for students

Accelerated Learning Systems 2001

Learning to learn helps students and teachers
Study, examination and memory skills
Teacher training advice
Home schooling advice and advice for parents with students
Accelerated learning
Learning to learn techniques help school success
Learning and memory techniques create school success
Knowing personal learning styles helps sudents
Learning how to learn is a great investment

If students can be helped to recognise this preference - and acquire the techniques that best match their own learning style - they become better and more confident learners.

For students CHAMPS provides dozens of proven techniques for motivation, goal setting, concentration, understanding, note-taking, memorising, stylish writing and revising - plus successful exam strategies.

For teachers CHAMPS helps you develop students who are self-motivated, self-managed learners who, because they understand how they learn, are better able to collaborate positively with you in class.

For parents CHAMPS gives you a practical way to help their child succeed at school and beyond. To help him or her become a self-motivated learner - capable of coping with a competitive modern world where information is plentiful and easily available - so long as he or she knows how to use it effectively and creatively.