study skills for students

Accelerated Learning Systems 2001

Learning to learn helps students and teachers
Study, examination and memory skills
Teacher training advice
Home schooling advice and advice for parents with students
Accelerated learning
Learning to learn techniques help school success
Learning and memory techniques create school success
Knowing personal learning styles helps sudents
Learning how to learn is a great investment

The CHAMPS course has been developed by

Accelerated Learning Systems is a UK organisation that has specialised in Learning-to-Learn courses, in both self study and classroom form, for over 10 years. The company has conducted teacher training in the UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Germany, Brunei and China.

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The Campaign for Learning is the national charity working to create an appetite for learning in individuals that will sustain them for life. Supported by the DES it runs Family Learning Weekend and Learning at Work Day and is co-ordinating a major Learning to Learn project in schools, for which the CHAMPS course is a key resource.

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