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Accelerated Learning Systems 2001

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Learning to learn helps students and teachers
Study, examination and memory skills
Teacher training advice
Home schooling advice and advice for parents with students
Accelerated learning
Learning to learn techniques help school success
Learning and memory techniques create school success
Knowing personal learning styles helps sudents
Learning how to learn is a great investment

The CHAMPS course has been written by Colin Rose - author of several books on learning skills and foreign language courses. He acts as an International Teacher Training consultant and advisor on effective learning to organisations like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Andersen Consulting, IBM, Bell Telephone, Motorola and several overseas education authorities.

The editor is Anne Civardi - author of over 40 children's books and a founder member of Usborne Publishing. She has recently completed a series of Family Activity Guides for the National Gallery in London.

Jenny Greenwood acted as a teacher training consultant. Jenny was a teacher for many years and is responsible for Teacher Training in 'Accelerated Learning and Study Skills' at Dulwich College.

Jenny is currently running an Accelerated Learning' teacher training programme for the Royal Borough of Kingston.