"The program is a winner. It can help almost anyone of any age to improve their learning."

The Association for Further and Higher Education.

"You have pulled the last years of my professional life together for me. You have collected and packaged the best of all that I am already using and added countless new strategies. Immensely practical. Thank you again for the breadth of strategies for instructing students and providing them with life-long skills."

Vivian Demers-Jagoda, Orchard Park Middle School, New York.

"64% of students using CHAMPS achieved A-C grades – an increase of 18% over the previous year, according to Cramlington Community High School. In a national Campaign for Learning study, the "learning to learn" students scored "markedly higher in English, Mathematics and Science," and demonstrated "higher levels of thinking skills."

Cramlington Community High School.

"Teacher involvement in Learning to Learn has extensive and far-reaching benefits for teacher effectiveness, professional development, motivation and confidence, and can effect change in the learning culture of the school."

Campaign for Learning report.

Accelerated Learning Systems 2001